That’s right. SkippersRoad. A road in New-Zealand, once built by prospectors to gain better access to their much-coveted gold. Not the safest road in the world, but it offers a guarantee for an unequaled piece of adventure.

And that’s what we like as well. Because we know that the most beautiful flowers grow along the edge of a cliff, we don’t shy away from adventure in our search for the golden tech talent. Like a gold digger that doesn’t rest until he has the ultimate nugget in his hands, we continue our search until we find the perfect candidate. Which we then gladly pass on to the greatest organizations in the Netherlands and far beyond.

Sourcing and placing with extensive knowledge of the industry 

SkippersRoad matches national and international employers and and highly qualified tech-talent.. Among other things, we assist organizations in:

  • Temporarily filling existing IT positions
  • Temporarily providing you with additional knowledge on existing IT positions
  • Finding new IT colleagues

SkippersRoad knows what goes on in the market. We closely monitor developments, we anticipate and react to the needs of our candidates and our clients. And that is how we are always on top of things. Zo houden we onszelf en elkaar scherp. Dat moet ook wel, op zo’n lastig begaanbare weg. This way we stay sharp ourselves and keep each other sharp at the same time. This, of course, is a must on such challenging roads. All of this results in a growing number of clients that trust us with their recruitment activities, and in more and more IT experts that find their new job through us. 

Join the Road.